Case Study - More Mac and Cheese, Please!

How we helped Myles Comfort Foods expand their product to new cities.

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The Challenge

Who doesn't love mac and cheese? The team at Myles Comfort Foods came up with an easy take on that delicious classic, and scored distribution deals for their boxed mac with Whole Foods Markets..

But their nascent brand still faced a challenge: how to get their product off grocery store shelves and onto people's dinner tables?

The answer? Partnerships with superstar local influencers.

The Influence Report

Founder Myles Powell turned to The Influence Report. Powered partly by AI, the Influence Report is ideal for small teams who want to make an outsize impact through influencer marketing.

With just a few guidelines from you, TIR will:

  • find influencers matching your brand’s product mix
  • rank influencers based on locations and topics
  • deep dive into those creators’ past partnerships to identify synergies
  • write individual outreach notes for your creator outreach
  • deliver a vetted list of fantastic prospects you can push into any outreach flow

We’re not an agency — think of TIR as an AI-assisted intern. With access to millions of creators on Instagram and TikTok, our AI can and will find you the best people to deliver your message.

Bac to the Mac

The team at Myles Comfort Food filled out our brief questionnaire, and we launched influencer searches in their cities of interest, looking specifically for creative home chefs, local celebrities, and other influencers with deep connections to their local food scene.

Here’s what we produced:

The Lists: Several Hundred Hand-Picked Local Foodies

We created campaigns for Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia and the DMV - all cities where Myles mac was present in the local Whole Foods Market.

We focused on local foodies with deep ties to their communities — the types of folks who could host a giveaway for mac and cheese coupons and actually send customers to the store.

In order to identify these influencers we used nearly a dozen detailed search strategies, combing the web and matching creators to the brand's criteria and tone. The results were presented to the team in an easy-to-read interface, where the brand could “short list” any influencer they especially liked.

Campaign OverviewFind Influencers

The Superstar

The Myles Comfort Foods team immediately liked Skye Estroff: one of the influencers we'd identified. Skye is exactly the type of influencer the team wanted: well known thanks to her work with local TV/radio, and an expert on the local food scene. She even has a history of judging food!

The Superstar

Within days, the initial interest became a phone call, and then turned into what founder Myles Powell calls “our most successful partnership to date.”

The Post

Skye created a fantastic video reviewing two different flavors of Myles' mac and cheese. Her commenters jumped in, tagging their friends for a chance to win a Whole Foods gift card and a free mac and cheese coupon!

Without TIR, the Myles Comfort Foods team would never have found Skye.

Looking for local superstars? Let us do the grunt work

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